Saturday, 23 April 2011

School holidays: Easter Saturday

Two out of three isn't bad. Bunnings DIY workshops for kids, that is. Today's was a bit of a fizzer: advertised as an "Eggcellent Creations Easter workshop", it involved colouring in and ... that was it. It held their attention for all of about ten minutes.

At least there was an Easter Bunny wandering the store:

But what really interested both kids was the Easter Egg hunt. Armed with a sheet of hints, they went searching through the aisles for nine Easter egg pictures, wrote down the colours of each as they found them, presented the completed sheet to the bloke at the front door, and collected their Easter egg prize.

Other than that, the day involved a lot of Ben 10, reading, keeping an eye on a second batch of hot cross buns as they rose in the bathroom, and Club Penguin. And noise. A lot of noise. Never mind - the chocolate high should wear off in time to go back to school in just over a week!

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