Sunday, 24 April 2011

School holidays: Easter Sunday

I would have liked a little sleep in this morning, but of course the short people in the household were up and excited by 6.30am. So the hunt was on! Our Easter egg hunt is confined to indoors, and I was quite glad of that when I heard on the radio that it was only 5 degrees C outside!

We managed to keep a reasonable limit on the amount of chocolate consumed before breakfast and before getting ready to drive to Nanna's for morning tea with the cousins. We took our own Easter Bunny with us:

Morning tea morphed into lunch, as these family events seem to do, and by the time we headed home again mid-afternoon the chocolate stash has multiplied exponentially:

That's just one child's chocolate supply, and I suspect we will make it last quite some time!

But today wasn't just about chocolate. Oh no - we did science too! Miss Tizz and the X-man saw something on television yesterday about Gummi Bears, and insisted we replicate the experiment in our very own fully-equipped laboratory (otherwise known as the kitchen). The experiment involved dropping a Gummi Bear into a glass of water, and leaving it overnight. This was the result (with a control Gummi Bear for comparison):

We have all the fun around here!

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