Monday, 2 June 2008

Birthday season

Our family has a middle-of-the-year birthday season. My mother's and one of the husband's aunt's birthdays were at the beginning of last week, my newest niece turned 1 on Thursday, the X-man is a big 5 year old as of Friday, a nephew's birthday is in two weeks, Miss Tizz turns 7 in three weeks, and the husband strikes up another year in July.

The big hits this year for the X-man are anything Ben 10 and Lazy Town. He's had TWO Omnitrix cakes (one in Sydney on Friday, and another in Canberra yesterday), and is now the proud owner of a shiny new Omnitrix watch, several Ben 10 toys, a Ben 10 game, puzzle, towel, wallet and (wait for it ... ) Ben 10 undies! Woohoo! Lazy Town got a lookin with a DVD & a Sportacus costume.


Anonymous said...

Do you know that the real Secret of the Omnitrix is?


And speaking of a house-full of (likely) screaming birthday children, how's that homemade cider coming?

karenmc said...

Too true. At least the kids only watch ABC Kids television (which is our govt-owned broadcaster), so their exposure to advertising is pretty limited. I resisted all the character merchandise for a long time, but once they're in school it gets a lot harder. And I'm getting better at manipulating it - I can get him to turn into XLR8 to go faster, and Greymatter to stop and think (or get something from down low for me), and Heatblast comes in handy for making me coffee (I wish!).

The cider test is tonight once the small people are in bed :)

brazen's crafts said...

OMG that can't possibly be X-man??!!!

it's wayyyyy too long since i've seen him if that's teh case! good grief i can't believe he looks so grown up!