Thursday, 9 September 2010

neglected (and something to make up for it)

I've been a little focussed on my imminent Big Travel Adventure, as evidenced over at The Wild Backyard @ 44, and have sadly neglected the original Wild Backyard of late.

However, a friend suggested today that I post a couple of poems, written by Miss Tizz, that I proudly showed off to her recently. Miss Tizz was selected to attend a poetry workshop at a nearby school, along with five other students from three different schools in our area. She wasn't too sure about it, but her teacher thought it would suit her, and I think she may have been right (of course, this is a proud mama speaking, so I may be a teensy bit biased!).


Green, beautiful, gentle, trees swaying in the soft breeze.
Flames, angry, uncontrollable, destructive.
Smoke, billowing, putrid, rising, racing, up, up, to the sky.
Wind, smokey, unbreathable, gusting.
Firefighters, sweating, tired, hoping no one is hurt.
Bush, dry, powerless, defenceless, victim,
hoping to regenerate soon.


Flames, red, orange, burning, dark clouds of smoke, billowing out.
Too dark, but too bright, confused, scared,
my eyes sting from the smoke, don’t know where to go.
Fire, everywhere, surrounding me.
I need help, quick!
Suddenly, I hear a siren, a siren so loud, it is almost deafening.
Hurray, help is here!
Oh no, I am collapsing!  Help!
Finally, groggily, I sit up.
I’m in hospital and I see my family.
I feel something inside me - a burst of joy!

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